The Magic of Partnership

What a horse seesA horse sees things differently than we do…

We are hunters
He is prey
We see only what is right in front of us
He sees almost 360 degrees around his body
God has given us the ability to reason, think things out and take on our problems proactively
God has given him the ability to reactive quickly and run from his problems or to fight to protect himself when he can’t get away
To us variety is the spice of life
To him, he mostly prefers the same routine
Our society has taught us that it is best to be independent and to take on your troubles alone
The horse’s society taught him to be dependant on his herd, sticking together means safety

We both know we have to choose our friends wisely…

He chooses the bravest horse to lead him to help keep him safe
Although he may challenge his leader, he finds comfort in knowing where he stands in the pecking order, as long as his leader remains strong
The leader keeps the herd safe, alerting the group of dangers and leading them from harms way

The magic begins when we show the horse we are that leader.
That we are the one with the strength to keep him safe.

And miracles happen when we, two very different creatures, speak to each other in ways we can both understand and learn to partner together.

With this powerful partnership battles have been won,
Countries have been built
Messages have been delivered
Crippled children have learned to walk
And hearts have been healed.

When we see things the way a horse sees them, being led and under control is not a bad thing. Being with a strong leader brings safety and guidance.


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